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No matter what your interests, Higgins Beach has all the ingredients for the perfect beach vacation. The pleasures of Higgins are simple: sunbathing, kayaking, surfing, fly fishing at the river, treasure hunting for sand dollars, sunrise stroll to even getting married. If you like the beach, you're guaranteed to have a good time at Higgins Beach!

For those of you who love the beach, we've put together a photo gallery. And, for those who fish and follow the waves, we have links to tide charts and local marine resources.

If you would like to plan a vacation at Higgins Beach, please see our rental page for information on cottages and places to stay! And, if you'd like to stay longer, please see our featured properties for sale.

Tides & Waves

Surfing,body boarding, stand up paddle boarding...welcome to the Malibu of Maine.

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Sunshine & Rainbows. Wind storms & Snow Flakes. If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a minute!

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Make memories to last a lifetime.

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